Why I Chose TXU Energy

When I started looking at the different energy companies that I could choose from to provide electricity to my home, I was really impressed with what I read about TXU Energy. I knew that I wanted to go with a company that has a solid history, which they do. They have been around since 1882, which is incredible when you think about it! They are the leading energy provider in the entire state of Texas, so they must be doing something right since there are so many other choices that people can choose from. For the majority to pick TXU, that is a sure sign of confidence in them.

What I really like most about them is how much they are invested in the communities that they serve. Texas is a great place to live, but we have our share of problems just as every other place does. We have people here who are not able to afford their payments every month, and TXU has a program to help them so they do not have to go without power. They also plant trees all over Texas, which is a huge contribution to the environment. There are so many other things that they do too, all in the name of community involvement.

Now the main reason I like them other than how they give back to the community is how they are using clean energy to the fullest extent that they can. TXU has several different options such as the Solar Club and the Solar from SunPower program. There are four different ways TXU is being innovative in their promotion of clean energy, and that is something that is very near and dear to my heart. I have three children, and I want to teach them respect toward our planet. This is a great way to start doing that!