We Love the Change We Made to Our Living and Business Lives

If you had asked me if I had any interest in living in a small little town out in the country 20 years ago, I would have said “no” immediately. But as I grew older, I found myself longing to get as far away from the city as I could, and my husband felt the same way. But we worried about what we would do for a living, until we bought a small, country farm. I sell the produce we grow at a farmer’s market in a stall, a produce scale and a small cash register. I look forward to it every weekend!

My husband originally grew up on a farm, and he wanted to get away as soon as he could when he became an adult. He just wanted to branch out and see more things. But he came to miss it over the years. And his parents grew various types of vegetables, so he was already very experienced. Like I said, we had been worried about just how we could make a decent living in a rural area, so I kept my eyes open to look for ideas. When I came across the farm for sale, it sounded perfect for us. I did not have the same experience with growing things that my husband has, but I knew I could catch on quickly if he would teach me.

We decided to show up with a small amount of our vegetables the first couple of weeks that we sold at the weekly market. We sold out quickly because we sell some things that other places nearby do not grow. By the third week, we had customers coming up to our stall asking why were sold out because thee word was spreading that we sell more types of things than the other stall owners do. We now bring even more, and people rush to see us every week!