The Reason I Switched to Direct TV

I am not the type of person to make a decision spur of the moment. I can drive people a bit mad around me because of this. I have found that I avoid making mistakes this way though, so it is something I do for just about everything now. When I wanted to know the best TV options available when I started having problems with my cable company, I went online so I could look at my options if I wanted an alternative service. It did not take me very long to find out that Direct TV was my best option, and I think that surprised everyone, including me.

The surprise isn’t that Direct TV is the best. It is that I came to that conclusion as quickly as I did. It was pretty easy though because of the websites that I looked at. I was mostly upset with my cable company for wanting to raise the prices on me yet again, which is what started my search. What I found though was some really incredible deals for new customers through Direct TV. I was surprised that even without the deal, I would be paying less for my TV service with them than with my cable company.

It is hard to dispute facts that are in black and white, especially since I combed the fine print and did not find anything that would make this deal any less spectacular than it was. I was able to terminate my cable contract just a few days later, because that is all the longer it took for an installer to have my new satellite system up and running. I like everything better, from the equipment and pricing to the programming package that I have. Having free movie channels for a few months helps too!