Switching Power Companies is Surprisingly Easy

When we moved to Texas about six months ago, we signed up for a power company and didn’t think much about it. Unfortunately, we ran into some problems that required more information in order to make sure the lights didn’t go out. What happened is that my husband lost his well paying job and we burned through our savings in short order. We kept thinking he would find a new place of employment quickly, but his skill set is fairly niche and it turns out he’s not in high of demand as he was several years ago. I hopped on a part time job fairly quickly so we wouldn’t get kicked to the curb, but still the bills stacked up.

The company we worked with before wasn’t as understanding about our situation as I would have liked. In fact, they were downright hostile and refused to work with us on a payment plan that would mean keeping our power. After spending what felt like weeks arguing with customer service online and over the phone, I decided to switch companies to someone with a little more understanding for people in our plight. I thought it would be a real struggle. Boy was I wrong!

Nowadays there are a number of options to get the juice flowing. Even a few years ago it seemed this wasn’t the case. You could go with one company and that was it. Burn your bridges with them and you were looking at a bad situation all around. Thanks to online research I found a site that laid out our options in an easy to understand way and in no time at all I had a solution. A quick couple of phone calls and I was explaining our situation to a friendly person who helped get us on the right track in minutes.