Intech Golf Balls – Our Thoughts

intech golf ballsIntech Golf stands for the best quality at affordable price in all types of golf equipments. Golf balls, clubs, gloves, tees, complete golf set or a training set –whatever is your requirement in golf, Intech Golf fulfills it. Golf balls are one of the bestselling products among all the golf related products and accessories promoted by Intech. You can select from various types of Intech golf balls, which are distance balls, practice balls, standard balls, women’s balls, and recycled and used balls.

Intech distance golf balls with thin cover and high energy core covers long distance with perfect launch and precision roll around the green. Its 432 dimple pattern based on the advanced aerodynamics is responsible for the superb ball flight. Thin cover material of the ball is responsive and rugged. These Intech golf balls with high visibility and low compression are durable and perfect for the tour performance.

Intech practice golf balls are available in foam and solid. They are available with holes, also. Intech golf balls in foam are safe to practice at home or in your backyard. You can select from holed version or foam version. Solid practice balls are available in a pack or 12 balls. You can select from pink or white colors. These golf balls are suitable the children to practice in the backyard. You do not have worry about any accidents or breakage, as they are made from good quality plastic.

Intech standard golf balls are available in a pack 24 and 12. These state of the art Intech golf balls are made with the responsive thin cover and high energy core. The perfect balance of cover and core produce high velocity and longer distance. If you prefer to buy a set of 24 standard golf balls from Intech, you get a beautiful shag bag in red with the capacity of storing 75 balls. Intech ZX3 standard golf balls give superb ball flight and better feel.

Intech women’s beta Ti distance golf balls in pink or white is a rage among women golfers. Intech golf balls with pearl finish not only look good, but they cover amazing distance. These premium distance golf balls from Intech are stylish in look and rugged in terms of durability. They are also priced very reasonably and so affordable for every lady golfer out there.

Among all the Intech gof balls discussed above, Intech beta Ti golf balls with large fluid metal core has generated so much excitement among the golfers of all age. The fluid metal core and Surlyn cover with 432 dimple technology cover unbelievable distance with every swing. Its affordable price and one year warranty thrills the buyers. You can find raving customers reviews about the distance these golf balls cover and the feel of it. With Intech Beta Ti Golf Balls, you are going to enjoy your every game of golf irrespective of your handicap. These low compression golf balls give soft feel around the green and outstanding precision and trajectory. Whether you are an amateur or a seasoned golfer, you will find something appealing with Intech Golf equipments.