I Want My Kids to Stay Safe As Much As Possible

I have three children, and I am not married. As a single father, I have to put in long hours at work so that I can make ends meet with all the financial obligations that I have. But long hours means that I do not have as much time to really watch my kids as much as I would like to, unlike a two-parent household. My kids used to think that was great, but now I’ve figured out how to fix that. I’m part of a single-parents group, and the moms there told me keylogger reviews online would help me figure out what type of keylogger I can use to watch to see who exactly my kids are texting and calling.

I made a call to the company I get cell service from, and they were happy to point out that they could let me see all the calls the kids make. But that’s not good enough. I need to be able to check their text messages as well. I also want to see what websites they go to using their browsers on their phones. Neither of those things can be found out through my mobile carrier. That is no help at all with making sure that each of my children are staying out trouble.

Just recently, there was a situation with one of my daughter’s friends. She ran away from home with someone who is an adult. She is only 15 years old, and she had been talking to someone who is 23 years old online. Her parents were not monitoring her, so they never knew. Soon, she graduated to calls and texts with this person, and not long after, she ran away with him. I am not an overly strict parent, but I don’t want any of my kids to go through that. So, watching what they do is best.