Customizing a Golf Cart Required Lots of Innovation

Inventing a product involves a lot of people. Even if you come up with the entire design yourself, eventually you will need the input of other experts. There is a culture in the community I live in that has residents driving custom golf carts. You see them all over town. There are ones that look like hot rods, classic cars and even outlandish alien vehicles. People get serious decking them out. We are all retired and golf carts are the in thing around here. In customizing ours, I needed plastic & rubber trim & seals to finish the body construction.

I was going to have the first golf cart that had a lightweight sealed body with doors you could open and windows you could roll up and down and that also had air conditioning. People thought it was impossible because a steadily running internal combustion engine is usually used to power the compressor for an AC unit in a vehicle. Our golf cart is electric. It was just a matter of creative use of lithium polymer batteries and managing weight of the design. Lightweight insulation to shield from the hot sun helped too. The custom plastic & rubber trim & seals made it possible to make the lightweight polycarbonate windows that actually roll up and down.

The community around here permits golf carts on the the secondary and tertiary roads. It is mostly flat around here with a lot of small side streets. Retirees use golf carts to go to the store, restaurants and when visiting friends. Most of them have a roof to keep the sun and rain off of people. Ours is the first one to have an enclosed passenger compartment with a working AC unit. It is quit a hit among the crowd we hang around with. I’m sure, though, that someone else will come up with something more interesting now.