Intech Golf Balls – Our Thoughts

intech golf ballsIntech Golf stands for the best quality at affordable price in all types of golf equipments. Golf balls, clubs, gloves, tees, complete golf set or a training set –whatever is your requirement in golf, Intech Golf fulfills it. Golf balls are one of the bestselling products among all the golf related products and accessories promoted by Intech. You can select from various types of Intech golf balls, which are distance balls, practice balls, standard balls, women’s balls, and recycled and used balls. Continue reading

Srixon Golf Balls – The Best Golf Ball

Srixon has been in business since 1997; it is a highly popular brand in both tennis and golf, though it is best known for its work with golf balls. Over the past decade Srixon golf balls have proven themselves a leader in the industry, with various PGA tour players testifying to using Srixon golf balls on a regular basis.

-Srixon Golf balls

Srixon golf balls ( present a unique set of characteristics designed to aid players in bettering their game and generally making for a more pleasant experience, the best products within the Srixon line including the following: Continue reading