A New Beginning in the Lone Star State

I’ve been debating whether or not on moving. Moving is never a fun experience! It never fails that I end up selling half my things or giving most of it away just to make the entire affair an easier and more pleasant experience. After checking out work in Waco, Texas I noticed that the cost of living in the Lone Star State is far more attractive than most states I’ve considered. Even the electric rates in Waco, indeed most of the state itself, are superior in terms of cost than most of the nation itself. Impressive, I’d say.

Texas is blessed with an abundance of land and natural resources. On top of this they have developed a very competitive energy industry which Texans are free to take advantage of. It was a no brainer – the work available to me in Texas was exactly the kind of field I was hoping to get into. Combine that with the low cost of living I was looking to be saving nearly $14,000 a year alone. That’s huge for someone like myself who is still struggling to pay back the absurdity that is my student debt. Moving to Texas will allow me to pay off that debt in just a couple of years!

That alone is worth the move. I’d be more than willing to sell off all of my possessions in order to do that. The spectre of that debt has been hanging over my head for nearly three years now! They don’t teach you how to manage the stress of not being able to find a job after graduating. I’m lucky that Texas has anything at all in my field and while it might not be the most glamorous position in the industry it at least is a way to a new beginning.